🥂Our Note of Thanks & Our Best Wishes To You in 2022!

Good evening! Now on the 2nd last evening before we head into 2022, we would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thank You' and send you our best wishes for the year to come. 2021 has been full of uncertainties and challenges - not any less than what we've experienced in 2020, we thank you very much for your business and for the patience with us as we navigate through these challenging times! 

By mid January 2022, we will be celebrating our 5th year in business. Though not a very long time, it's been an amazing journey. This year we've made quite a few achievements, big and small. To highlight - we migrated our website to a new host which offers a friendlier online shopping experience, and we were awarded with a Bronze Retailer Award in the Champagne category by Wine-searcher which means we are being recognized as offering a wide range of high-quality wines consistently through the year. Last but not least, we have identified a new partner in Taiwan - The Hedonists - that not only opens up a new market for us but also gives us an opportunity to bring in more wines to our customers in Hong Kong through their sourcing network. So if you ever relocate to Taiwan or have friends in the region that need help with wines, send them our way so we can get them sorted with The Hedonists team :)

And just to give you a snapshot of what's in the works for the coming year, in addition to continue bringing gems from Burgundy, Champagne and around the world to your doorstep, we are now looking to expand our sourcing network by setting up a UK-based company to stay closer to all our sources/suppliers and better our chances at securing amazing Burgundies and Champagne and at better prices; and also working to bring in some exclusive whiskies from Scotland and Taiwan. 

Well that's a wrap for us for 2021! We will be on holiday from tomorrow 31st December to 2nd January 2022 and back to the office on 3rd January 2022. 

We hereby wish you a prosperous, healthy and joyous year in 2022! 


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