Established in January 2017, Burgundy Cave was set up with the aim to bring Burgundy wines and Champagne to wine lovers in Hong Kong at reasonable prices with guaranteed provenance. We only work with reputable and reliable sources in which we have a network of over 50 suppliers/wineries in France, the UK and across Europe to deliver the best quality and value wines. Though we have a focus in Burgundy and Champagne, we also have excellent selections of wines from Bordeaux, Italy and other regions around the world.

We offer wines from stock and also by brokerage in which we think is the best way of acquiring wines as we believe wines enjoy the best aging conditions at their origins and are definitely worth the wait - if you are not in a hurry as broking wines usually take 4-8 weeks, or more.

All our wines wines are shipped from sources to Hong Kong via temperature and humidity controlled air freight, or occasionally by sea. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020, it has become more challenging to determine exact arrival dates so please bear with us if your wines are still in transit.

In early 2021, our Founder Alexander Choy decided to set up his own venture in Taipei, Taiwan - The Hedonists, and it is now our exclusive partner in the Taiwan region. So if you are based in Taiwan, or need any wines shipped to Taiwan, talk to us, or reach out directly to them at hedonists.com.tw.

Burgundy winery


Alexander Choy has long been fascinated by the extraordinary history and workmanship behind every bottle of wine since a very young age. When he was still underaged, his father, who used to work in France, often brought back dark green bottles of red, white and sparkling "juices" but Alexander was not allowed to drink them. He finally enjoyed his very first glass when he hit 18 years old (the official legal drinking age in Hong Kong) and there was no turning back. Not long after he went to university but the most time he spent reading was not his lecture books but books about wine.

After graduation, he spent years working for commercial giants but soon enough he decided to pursue his passion and started to work in the wine industry and also created his own wine blog in 2013. He was very fortunate to have had the chance to work for one of the most renowned Fine Wine merchants from the UK and from there learned to appreciate Burgundy and Champagne wines; and thanks to his blog (HK Wine Blog - http://hkwineblog.net), he has been invited to visit a number of wineries across Europe, further broadening his knowledge of wine. In recent years, he has also been personally visiting Burgundy every year to stay on top of all the latest trends and explore the up-and-coming domaines to bring fascinating new and best wines back home!

From his years of tasting and knowledge of wine, he is most passionate about Burgundy wine as only Burgundy wine offers the best style and character ranges. Also, the fact that the grapes in just a few metres' difference in vineyard can already be offering different flavours means the level of workmanship required to maintain the quality of each batch of Burgundy wines is just absolutely remarkable.

Burgundy winery


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