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Just Arrived! Last Parcel from Domaine Kuheiji

Just Arrived! Last Parcel from Domaine Kuheiji

Domaine Kuheiji was established by Kuheiji in 2016 from Banjo Sake Brewery, which has been producing Japanese Sake since 1647. They are fascinated by Burgundy’s terroir-oriented philosophy, to further investigate the wonder of Burgundy wines, at the same time advance their sake-brewing techniques, they bought a domaine in Morey-St-Denis in 2015, then later bought around 2.5 hectares of vineyard in 2017, starting their unique journey in Burgundy wine production. With Kuheiji’s strong foundation in brewing Sake, they aimed to produce wines with a unique personality, wine style with clear, refreshing acidity along with pleasant tannin. Kuheiji believes that not only the strong and fruity style of  Burgundy wine is fascinating,  but the fine, elegant...

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