An Apprentice Of Bizot: Marc Soyard Coteaux de Dijon Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018 from HK$350/Bt!

Even if you do not know Marc Soyard, you must know Domaine Bizot if you consider yourself to be a Burgundy lover at all! Marc Soyard is a talented winemaker and worked as an apprentice for Jean-Yves Bizot for 6 years at Domaine Bizot. During the apprenticeship, Marc learned all the skills and about minimal intervention and the philosophy of natural cultivation and vinification - applying biodynamic methods in the vineyard, using natural yeasts and limited sulphur in the vinification process, and also experimenting with various combinations of oak and metal. 

When the city of Dijon purchased 160ha of land in 2013 which included Bourgogne AOC vineyards of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, they sought for a chief winemaker/estate manager who was young, applies biodynamic viticulture, no family vineyards and open to educational tours to the public. Marc saw this as an opportunity and became one of the candidates for the position. Being the extremely talented winemaker that he is, together with his years of winemaking experience from working with the famed Jean-Yves Bizot, the city of Dijon appointed Marc as the chief winemaker and the Domaine de la Cras was thus established with 2014 being the first vintage. Since joining Domaine de la Cras, Marc has applied the same approaches in the vineyard and the winery to create natural wines and there has been lots of positive reviews in every vintage since the first vintage and he continues to deliver beautiful wines year after year, and prices remain extremely favourable.
Today we are pleased to offer a wine by Marc Soyard - the Chardonnay Blanc 2018 - a beautiful Chardonnay from a beautiful Burgundy white vintage! Only HK$350 per bottle if you purchase 3 bottles or more, this is a great Chardonnay to purchase by the case and enjoy daily! -

Domaine de la Cras Marc Soyard Coteaux de Dijon Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018 
HK$370 per bottle

Special Offer –

HK$350 per bottle if you purchase 3 bottles or above

ETA 2-3 weeks


Subject to final confirmation. 

Delivery is free-of-charge for single purchases above HK$3,000 or 6 bottles (or accumulated amount at time of delivery); otherwise, a standard delivery fee of HK$80 applies.

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