Domaine de Montille from Vintage 2006, Excellent Value Burgundy Reds

Domaine de Montille is probably one of the most inspiring stories in Burgundy – starting off with a very small domaine with only 2.5 hectares of vineyard in the 1950s, Hubert de Montille had been managing the domaine and also retaining his profession as a lawyer at the same time. Hubert’s son, Etienne, started to take on more responsibilities at the Domaine from the 1990s and successfully led Domaine de Montille to become one of the leading producers in Burgundy. He began practicing biodynamic farming 15 years ago and acquired a few domaines to extend their ownership of land to about 35 hectares. In many vintages, Etienne included over 50% of whole cluster grapes during fermentation and maintained soft oak influence - usually 30% new oak or less - and only about 40-50% new oak for the top wines.


In the past decade, Domaine de Montille’s wines remain excellent price and quality ratio for drinkers. These are bottles which have solid development path and build up for aging. All stored in original cases being unmoved in UK bonded warehouse since release, we are delighted to offer three excellent Beaune and Volnay from Dominae de Montille from only HK$500 per bottle -


Domaine de Montille Beaune Les Greves 1er Cru 2006

HK$600 per bottle, 12 available

88-91pts Allen Meadows

“A lovely effort and the best of these Beaune 1ers.”


Domaine de Montille Volnay Les Taillepieds 1er Cru 2006

HK$950 per bottle, 12 available

90-92pts Allen Meadows

“Sweet Spot Outstanding”


Domaine de Montille Beaune Les Perrieres 1er Cru 2014

HK$500 per bottle, 12 available

88-90pts Allen Meadows

“well-detailed flavors that possess a mouth coating finish”


Subject to final confirmation. ETA 2-4 weeks.


Delivery is free-of-charge for purchases above HK$3,000 or 6 bottles, otherwise, a standard delivery fee of HK$100 applies.

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